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The Plantation at Ponte Vedra Real Estate Updates

A cozy living room with a light-colored couch, pillow, blanket, coffee table, side table, hardwood flooring, and white walls.
1512 Birkdale Lane, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 now has a new price of $1,350,000!

March 17, 2024

The home is close to the Club and the Beach. Get ready to entertain, and relax.

3 Home Improvement Projects to Upgrade Your Home

March 17, 2024

Regardless of your plans, here are some ideas for projects to give your home a tune-up.

2695 Las Calinas Boulevard, St Augustine, FL 32095 now has a new price of $725,000!

March 13, 2024

A fenced rear lawn in a beautiful private setting completes this stunning home.

Low Maintenance House Pets for Any Household

February 11, 2024

Low-maintenance, small-space pets do exist, but it’s important to know how to provide for them.

A Guide to Cottage House Style

February 4, 2024

Cottage houses come in a wide variety of styles based on era and region-specific traditions.

Bring These Homemade Lemon Bars to Your Next Potluck

January 28, 2024

Here is all the info you’ll need to make delicious lemon bars for your next potluck.

Homebuyer's Guide: How to Get a Fixer Upper

January 21, 2024

Fixer-uppers are also a popular choice for those wanting to flip properties for profit in the marketplace.

How to Prepare for a Power Outage

January 14, 2024

Here are some of the best ways to prepare for sheltering at home without power:

Evacuation Plans: Tips for Emergency Planning

January 7, 2024

These guidelines should have info on alternate routes and how to contact emergency services.

Room by Room: Diy Projects for Home Decor

December 31, 2023

No matter what room you’re working with, there are countless DIY projects for home.

3 Key Things to Consider When Buying a Fixer-Upper

December 24, 2023

If you have a tight budget and love DIY, buying a fixer-upper might seem like a straightforward decision.

When Should You Consider Accepting a Home Purchase Offer?

December 17, 2023

Before accepting an offer, review your home selling goals to make sure everything aligns.

Quick Tips for Choosing Your Home Security System

December 10, 2023

Home security systems can give homeowners peace of mind by deterring intruders or alerting them.

A Basic Guide to Electric Repairing & Maintenance

December 3, 2023

Among the many facets of home maintenance, electric repairing can be the most important.

How to Prepare for a Tornado

November 26, 2023

With wind speeds of over 300 miles per hour, a tornado can be devastating.

Water Damage Covered by Home Insurance: What Every Homeowner Should Know

November 19, 2023

Here are three types of water damage not covered by standard homeowners insurance.

How to Get Your Household Ready for Home Renovations With 5 Easy Tips

November 12, 2023

There are a few key items to remember if you want to renovate your home successfully.

3 Plants for Shade Garden Color

November 5, 2023

These are some excellent options for adding color and variety to your shade garden.

5 Patio Storage Ideas to Try at Home

October 29, 2023

To help you squeeze every bit of storage from your patio, here are some ideas to try.

Tips & Tricks to Master the Best Room Decorator Ideas

October 22, 2023

Don't forget, you can use wallpaper for accent walls and alcoves instead of entire rooms as well.

Should You Buy a House? Key Factors to Consider

August 16, 2020

If you want to reside close to family and friends, you can map out your house search accordingly.

Mortgage Rates in Southern Florida

August 9, 2020

The low rates in Florida have sparked a lot of activity in the real estate scene in the state.

Pros and Cons of HOAs

August 2, 2020

If your roof fails, it’s everyone’s problem, and if someone else’s roof fails, it’s your problem too.

Simple Tips for Moving Locally

July 26, 2020

Moving your household belongings doesn't have to be something to dread.

How to Create Relaxing Spaces In Your Home

July 19, 2020

Candles, fireplaces, and string lights are the ultimate in soft lighting! Use them!

Easy Summer Upgrades for Your Backyard

July 12, 2020

An excellent way to enjoy summer is by taking your living outside and relaxing in the backyard.

How to Improve Your Home for Maximum ROI

July 7, 2020

What some improvements accomplish is a reduction of time that your home spends on the market.

DIY: Go Door Chic with Antique Doorknobs

June 29, 2020

Nowadays, many people are looking for new and inventive ways to decorate their homes.

Do You Need an Interior Designer?

June 22, 2020

When you move into a new home, it is common to have the urge to redecorate completely.

How to Freshen and Replace Your Tile and Grout

June 15, 2020

Tiles fade and look dated. When they do, it's time to refresh or replace tile and grout.

Use Common Sense During the Home Selling Journey

June 8, 2020

You believe you have a great home that will attract plenty of interest from potential buyers.

Tips for Buying a Ranch

June 1, 2020

Ranches are located outside of towns and cities because of the amount of area they take up.

Herbs That Grow All Year Indoors

May 25, 2020

If you've got a sunny windowsill, you can have fresh herbs even in the dead of winter.

Why You Should Use a Property Manager

May 17, 2020

Here’s why you should hire a property manager for your rental properties.

Energy Saving Landscaping Tips

May 10, 2020

Trees can keep your home cooler in the summer and protected and insulated in the winter.

Should You Purchase a Smart Home Device?

May 3, 2020

There is no shortage of smart home devices available to property owners nationwide.

How to Capitalize on a Seller's Market

April 26, 2020

Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you get the most out of a seller's market.

Choosing the Right Realtor to Buy or Sell a Million Dollar Home

April 19, 2020

Your agent should have a list of brokers that represent buyers and sellers of million-dollar properties.

How a Buyer Cancel a Real Estate Contract

April 12, 2020

Specific conditions must exist for a buyer to be able to remove their contractual obligation.

Home Improvement: Reasons to Hire a Professional

April 5, 2020

Here are some areas in a professional touch to improve the project exponentially.

Stunning Perennials that Bring Life to Your Garden

March 29, 2020

Perennials are beautiful plants that bloom and breathe new life into any surroundings.

Tips on Finding Your Ideal Florida Home

March 22, 2020

To find the specific location that would best suit your needs, a two-step approach is recommended.

Real Estate Investments: REITs & REMF - Which One Fits Your Needs

March 15, 2020

Real estate is one of the preferred holdings in addition to stock and bonds.

The Most Luxurious Neighborhoods in the United States

March 8, 2020

When looking for a luxury home, you can look for the most expensive neighborhood in the US.

Does Your Home Listing Stand Out to Buyers?

March 1, 2020

As you prepare for the home selling journey, you should try to distinguish your house listing from all others.

Renovations with a Large Budget

February 23, 2020

If money is not an object and the sky is the limit, you can do beautiful things with a remodel.

How to Choose an Outdoor Heater

February 15, 2020

There are several critical factors to consider when choosing the right outdoor heater.

What Does It Take to Sell a Florida Luxury Residence?

February 8, 2020

Now, let's take a look at three tips to help you get ready to sell your Sunshine State luxury house.

Clean These Spaces Before You Move In

February 1, 2020

Here are five areas you’ll want to focus on before you start hauling in your possessions.

Whats More Important the Location of a Home or Its Size?

January 25, 2020

When it comes to selecting a home, every situation is a little different. Let these steps guide you.

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